After trying to rebuild my webpage and blog I noticed the one fatal flaw in facebook and the one thing that myspace had right. It lacks personality.

With myspace I got a sense of who you are through the (yes it's kind of shitty to do this on a webpage) the music they chose to play, the images they put as their background, the little widget their put around the page. Even the way they put your "blogs" at the forefront and not some little "notes" crap hidden away in some box.

With facebook, everyone has the same look and feel. It's great for navigating around a person's page but it makes horrible to express the kind of person you are. You have to rely on your ability to write a good terse paragraph or so of text that will inevitably be pushed down lower and lower into your "wall."

They've been trying to fix that with the cover image but it's still not there.