So you've heard of Virtualization right? If you haven't, the basic premise is this. You have a computer, it has a CPU, Hard Drive, and other associated hardware. Now in your Hard Drive you have a Operating System. If you're about 90% of the population, you're probably running Windows. Now Imagine a full computer (CPU, Hard Drive, Operating System) within  that computer. That's what virtualization does. It essentially lets you create a computer within a computer that acts exactly like a regular computer. You can browse the internet, run full desktop applications, watch porn ... whatever! (Three's a Xzibit meme in here somewhere...)

Now let's take this to another level. You get your internet from some wall plug which you pay someone dark shadowy figure, some ridiculous amount compared to the rest of the world for. But that internet traffic probably flows into some modem which then flows into some router, if you have multiple computers in your home. Now focus on the router. It lets you split that internet connection to many different computers.

Now imagine doing what we did to computer to that router. A computer that has a virtual router within it. You basically have one computer that virtualizes a whole network. Expand on this idea many many times over and you've basically built a whole network infrastructure similar to a data center in one computer.

OK. OK. You'll never need this in your own home. Probably not.

But imagine what Amazon, Google, Yahoo, eBay and all those companies would do we this software. The cost they'd save on just hardware alone is staggering.

Alright, I give up. I really don't know why I'm blogging about this. If you don't understand networking then you probably don't care. But take it from someone who does work with networks, servers, software, virtualization, and all that fun stuff. This is fucking game changing. The source links to the company that just made this possible. And they just got bought by VMware. The single largest commercial virtualization software company.