Big News! Google has announced their plans for Gigabit Internet Connection. And guess what? It looks like it comes along with cable service as well!

Currently the service only applies to Kansas City, KC and Kansas City, MO. The service includes full gigabit speed for download and upload. This is ridiculously fast. To give you a sense of how fast this is, if you live in Hawaii in the Honolulu area, you are probably getting about 7 Megabits per second with Time Warner's RoadRunner service. 7 Megabits is 0.007% of full Gigabit speed or about 142 times slower than Google's service. Of course this isn't a guaranteed speed to your door but you can imagine just how much faster browsing websites, downloading files, or streaming content would be. Imagine watching YouTube videos or watching Netflix at nearly 1080i on the fly. The next closest service in terms of speed is Verizon's FiOS service which only goes to 300 mbsp, this is a little over three times slower than Google's Fiber service. Can you tell how much I want this service?

So along with this super fast internet speed, they also package in Cable service at 120 per month. They offer all broadcast channels. These are all the "free" channels you usually get with regular Cable service providers like ABC, FOX, CBS, etc. But you'll receive them over the internet versus through your regular cable co-ax line. The upside to this is that you'll probably be able to watch what you want, when you want. Google's cable box allow you to download some ungodly amount of hours (500) of TV. So yes, you're still subject to being at your couch when your favorite show is on, but you can always have you service set to record it. You can even record up to 8 channels at once. By the way, that's thrown in with the 120. HD content? Also thrown in. YouTube and Netflix on your TV? In. 1 Terabyte of Google Drive storage? Also in. And your remote for controlling all this? The Nexus 7 tablet I just reviewed. Honestly, what i currently pay for Cable and Internet through RoadRunner Hawaii is about 110 so I could easily see myself paying 10 bucks more for 142 times the network speed, being able to record 8 shows instead of 2, another Nexus 7 tablet, and getting Netflix on my TV without having to use a third party device like my PS3.

Okay so maybe 120 is too much for you? They also have a cheaper plan at 70 dollar that only gives you the Gigabit internet speed. Did I mention there's NO DATA CAPS? You also get the 1 Terabyte of Google Drive storage as well.

And if you're really tight on cash, you can pay a $300 construction fee for Google to actually install Fiber to your place and get the speed I currently get (5 Mbps down/ 1 Mbps up) FOR FREE (for up to 7 years, pssssh like that's a drawback). Oh you don't have 300 to pay up front? They'll split that 300 over the course of a year for you. Boom. Drops mic Walks into the shadow

So, in closing, if you're not existed about this by now ... well you probably live in a cave and don't really use the internet so I can understand. Otherwise, someone tell me what I need to do to get them to come to Honolulu Hawaii!