"Fight For Space" is a new organization started and run by Paul Hildebrandt to increase and re-ignite our wonder for space. It's no secret that our space program has pretty much ground to a halt. The space shuttle will no longer fly anymore and the only thing we really have left are moon rocks and the ISS that we won't even touch anymore. Not with lives humans at least. There are a few missions still out there. But they are all unmanned vehicles to mars and beyond. The US needs to put the space program back into the forefront of society. We need this. This is more than just advancing science. It's about giving hope to ordinary citizens. Giving them something to be proud of again. It's about giving young children that spark of wonder and curiosity that comes from following science advancements and breakthroughs.

And yes, as I've been saying, this is also good for our economy as well. Many of the advancements in the commercial arena stem from advancements in the government funded science and technology sector. If you need examples, GPS, Internet, Radios, RADAR, Cell phones ... I could go on. But hopefully you get the point. I firmly believe that STEM and educating the younger generation about STEM is the path toward a brighter future for the US. So follow me in supporting "Fight For Space" by donating to their KickStarter here: http://www.fightforspace.com/donate/

and by always trying to learn more about science, technology, culture, people, society ... just don't stop learning. And most of all, learn to think for yourself.

Source: http://www.fightforspace.com/
via io9: http://io9.com/5928681/neil-degrasse-tyson--bill-nye-argue-for-nasas-future-in-fight-for-space