I fell into this show by watching a clip on YouTube that was posted on Reddit. Honestly, that clip embodied everything I've been thinking about the past year on how America is not as great as it used to be. Not all the arguments presented in that clip are ironclad, it did bring up a number of issues that I really felt needed to be address. Addressed by Congress, the media, hell ... anyone that has any sort of influence in our society.

Here's the clip I mentioned:

I honestly love it. It really was everything I wanted to say and did it in such elegance and raw energy that I knew I just had to watch the full episode. And I haven't stopped since. Aaron Sorkin is the creative genius behind this show and as far as I can tell, has written all 5 episodes that have aired. I love every single episode. I really can't say anything bad about any of them. I love how he ties in historic fact with as little bias as possible. He tackles the large issues, the elephants in the room, without holding back. It's surprising since he tackles big business and HBO will air it.

At the same time, he build these characters. Each character embodies a known archetype and are all carried out very well by their respective actors. Each person in the series is easy to feel out. There's no mystery to who they are and they act accordingly. He also builds these environments based on the time period and really digs into the events of that time. The characters act as they should to those events, and at the same time ... he's teaching you. He teaching you about the events that have taken place in our past and although nothing is ever really known in the present. We have the luxury of hindsight and this being a show set in the past, he addresses each issue with such clarity.

I really hope that there are more show like this. Smart shows that requires you to know about semi-current events in the world and not irrelevant this pop culture bullshit stemmed in celebrity worship. Relevant shows that press you to learn more about the society we are living in and what that means. Shows that are honest. Honest about how the world works and how we should react to some of the things going on.

Here's a link to HBO's website for the show. http://www.hbo.com/#/the-newsroom

I hope more people watch this show and start to favor honest smart television and not crap reality shows that seem to dominate most broadcast networks.