Daily Routine / Weight Loss

Update: I totally forgot about the burnout aspect, work productivity, and words. A DevLeague student asked me about burnout and how I manage that in my »

Another Week, Another Hackthon

This weekend, I've been "mentoring" at a DevLeague and Uber Hackathon taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii. I've moved from taking part in hackathons to running hackathons »

Update: September 2015

I have updated this Ghost blog to version 0.7.0. It's a lot prettier and the screenshots online is what finally motivated up to update »

Bootstrap data-toggle

I have just re-learned that putting a data-toggle attribute on a html element will hijack the clicking event for that element. So if you have a »

My SEO sucks

I just did a Google search on this domain. I'm on the second page. I suck at SEO. »

Awesome Tech

So now I'm working with some news things: CouchDB, Node.js, and Angular.js. As of right now, I think this is probably the best webapp »

Stupid Encryption

If you were ever curious, SHA256-crypt is an entirely different implementation of standard SHA256. The character map allows "." and "/" which will fuck you over the in »